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The FSH Foundation, established in 2019, stands as a beacon of comprehensive change in India’s development landscape. This non-governmental organization operates dynamically across various sectors, emphasizing health, environmental protection, education, agriculture, and organic farming.In the realm of health, the FSH Foundation works tirelessly to improve healthcare accessibility and quality, particularly in underserved regions. They collaborate with local healthcare entities, initiating programs focused on preventive care, health education, and community wellness initiatives.


he FSH Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact across various sectors in India. Established with a vision of fostering holistic development, the foundation focuses on healthcare, education, women empowerment, rural development, and environmental conservation.

Mission and Objectives: The foundation’s mission is to create sustainable solutions that uplift communities and individuals. By addressing key issues in healthcare, education, women’s empowerment, and rural development, FSH Foundation aims to catalyze positive change and enhance the overall well-being of people across India.

Key Areas of Impact:

  1. Healthcare: FSH Foundation is actively involved in healthcare initiatives, working towards improving access to medical services, promoting health awareness, and supporting communities in need. Their efforts have positively impacted the lives of individuals by providing essential healthcare services.

  2. Education: Recognizing the importance of education in empowering individuals and communities, FSH Foundation is engaged in educational programs. These initiatives may include scholarship programs, school infrastructure development, and educational awareness campaigns.

  3. Women Empowerment: FSH Foundation is committed to advancing the status of women in society. Through various projects, they work to create opportunities for women’s economic empowerment, education, and leadership development, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

  4. Rural Development: In rural areas, FSH Foundation is actively involved in projects aimed at improving infrastructure, livelihood opportunities, and overall living conditions. By collaborating with local communities, they strive to bring about sustainable development and uplift the rural populace.

  5. Environmental Conservation: Recognizing the urgent need for environmental protection, the foundation has taken innovative approaches to create alternative solutions. These may include eco-friendly practices, awareness programs, and initiatives to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Impact and Reach: FSH Foundation has made a significant impact, touching the lives of over 1000 people across India. Through their multifaceted approach and commitment to sustainable development, the foundation has become a catalyst for positive change in the communities it serves.

Awareness Programs and Initiatives: The foundation organizes expos, awareness programs, and human-centric series to engage communities and spread awareness about crucial issues. By leveraging various mediums, FSH Foundation aims to educate and inspire individuals to actively participate in creating a better and more sustainable future.

Conclusion: In its pursuit of holistic development, the FSH Foundation stands as a beacon of positive change, weaving together healthcare, education, women empowerment, rural development, and environmental conservation. Through its impactful initiatives, the foundation is contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future for the people of India.

Our Strory

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled amidst the fertile fields of Bihar, a family embarked on a journey that would sow the seeds of change for generations to come. This is the story of the FSH Foundation, where a humble beginning as a farming products business would blossom into a flourishing endeavor for rural development.

The tale began with the patriarch of the family, Mr. Satyanarayan Singh(Mukhiya ji). Born and raised in the heart of the agrarian landscape, he had always been deeply connected to the land. His family had long been involved in the farming products business, catering to the needs of local farmers. As the years passed, Mukhiya ji witnessed the struggles faced by the rural communities, especially in Bihar, where decades had slipped away without any significant government intervention.

As fate would have it, one day, Mr. Mukhiya ji nephew, Sumit Kumar, returned to the village after completing her studies in rural development and enterpenuer.  Sumit;s eyes sparkled with the fire of determination as she saw the potential to bring positive change to the lives of the villagers. Inspired by her passion, the family gathered to discuss the possibilities of making a more profound impact on rural development.

The idea of creating the FSH Foundation was born, a venture that aimed not only to provide quality farming products but also to address the pressing issues faced by the rural communities. Mukhiyaji, joined hands with Sumit Kumar and his friends to take their first steps toward transforming their vision into reality.

The journey was not without challenges. Bihar, despite its rich agricultural potential, had been overlooked by the government for decades. The FSH Foundation faced skepticism from some quarters, but the team persevered. They began by implementing small-scale initiatives, focusing on education, healthcare, and sustainable farming practices.

Schools were built, medical camps organized, and workshops conducted to educate farmers about modern and sustainable agricultural techniques. The foundation worked tirelessly to empower women in the villages, recognizing their pivotal role in community development. Through skill development programs, women were taught various trades, enhancing their economic independence.

As the FSH Foundation’s efforts gained momentum, the impact became increasingly visible. The once-neglected villages now thrived with newfound hope and opportunities. The foundation became a catalyst for change, inspiring other NGOs and individuals to contribute to the cause of rural development in Bihar.

Years passed, and the FSH Foundation continued to grow. Its success story echoed through the villages, encouraging other regions to adopt similar models for development. The once-barren fields of Bihar now flourished with the fruits of sustainable agriculture, and the foundation’s work became a beacon of hope for countless families.

The FSH Foundation’s journey demonstrated the power of a collective vision and unwavering determination. Through the synergy of a family’s legacy in farming and the passion for rural development, they had transformed the lives of thousands, proving that even in the most neglected corners, change could take root and flourish like a well-tended garden.

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life.

FSH Foundation is committed to maintaining transparency in the allocation and utilization of health-related donations. Regular updates and reports are provided to donors, ensuring accountability and demonstrating the tangible impact of their contributions.

Education lies at the heart of the FSH Foundation's mission, empowering individuals and communities through knowledge and learning. Committed to fostering accessible and quality education.

"At the FSH Foundation, we recognize the transformative impact of supporting women's empowerment, and we invite you to contribute to this noble cause through our dedicated donation program. Your donations play a crucial role in advancing initiatives that uplift and empower women, fostering gender equality and societal progress.

"Join hands with the FSH Foundation to make a lasting impact on environmental protection through your generous donations. Your support in the Environment Protection sector enables us to implement vital initiatives aimed at preserving and restoring our planet.

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Needs Assessment and Planning

Identify the social or environmental issues the NGO aims to address. Conduct research and assessments to understand the specific needs of the target community or cause. Develop a strategic plan outlining the goals, objectives, and activities to address identified issues.


Program Implementation

Execute the planned initiatives and projects based on the established strategy. Collaborate with partners, stakeholders, and local communities to ensure effective implementation. Monitor and evaluate the progress of programs to assess their impact and adjust strategies as needed.


Advocacy and Awareness

Engage in advocacy efforts to raise awareness about the issues the NGO is addressing. Collaborate with government bodies, other NGOs, and relevant stakeholders to influence policies and bring about positive change. Educate the public and key decision-makers about the importance of the cause.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Regularly assess the outcomes and impact of the NGO's activities. Collect and analyze data to measure the effectiveness of programs and projects. Use evaluation results to make informed decisions, improve existing initiatives, and guide future planning.

Awards & Recognitions

Best NGO Awards 2021 in Bihar
80G Charitable Ngo
FSH Foundation awards with rural minister